[Quick Look] 5 Reports CFOs Love

September 13, 2016

Ready to feel totally on top of your organization’s Medicare revenue? Do you want actionable insights into your team’s performance? Then you need ABILITY | EASE® Medicare. Watch this 6-minute video to see just a handful of the capabilities that can help you take your organization to the next level:

• A Projected Payment Report, which helps you quickly see upcoming payments

• An A/R Aging Report that breaks claims into groups like RTP, Suspended, Rejected and Denied, and shows you aging for each group

• The Payment Summary Report, with Key Performance Indicators that help you track productivity

• Top 10 Reason Codes, a report that shows you the major recurring causes of delayed payments for your organization

• The Claims Filing Limit Report, which helps you easily see claims that are nearing a deadline

Watch the video to see these reports in action!

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[Quick Look] How to Stay on Top of Medicare Claims in Your Sleep


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