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[Demo] Simplified Medicare Revenue Management

December 4, 2017

Ready to maximize your Medicare reimbursements and stop losing sight of claims at risk? View our webinar to see ABILITY | EASE® Medicare, our industry-leading Medicare RCM application. 

  • Do you need a simpler way to research problem claims in DDE? See how you can stop wasting time looking for claim status updates and researching reason codes
  • Want more claim details on one screen? We’ll show you coinsurance and deductibles, DRG, crossover and EFT information – and you can stop tabbing back and forth between screens
  • Roster billing a hassle? Import claims data via a CSV file and receive claims status process details on each batch
  • Wondering about Medicare cash flow? Get an automated daily email notifying you of Medicare dollars you will receive that day and the expected Medicare dollars for the following day​
  • Need to reduce delayed revenue? Automate time-consuming processes and keep all your claims on track​
  • Eligibility issues? A “move catcher” alerts you when patients with an active claim switch from traditional Medicare to a Medicare Advantage or HMO plan
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