[Demo] ABILITY | SMARTFORCE™ Scheduler

January 24, 2018

Ditch scheduling spreadsheets and move your process online! View this webinar to see our scheduling and open shift management application that makes it simple for you to empower your staff and streamline scheduling. Not only can you have a happier team, but you can get back more of your own time!

ABILITY | SMARTFORCE™ Scheduler can help you: 

  • Empower staff to view and fill open shifts, request swaps and manage PTO online in real time 

  • Optimize staff schedules to reduce overtime cost and ensure quality care

  • Eliminate phone calls, easily broadcast staffing needs and get more shifts filled

  • Easily handle sick calls, census changes and no-shows 

  • Make staffing decisions with data at your fingertips on overtime, seniority, last called off or credential expirations

  • Use executive dashboards and push reports for high-level insights

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Transform eligibility checks with ABILITY | COMPLETE®

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