Two Ways for Strategic Partners to Deliver Powerful RCM Tools

December 27, 2017


When you partner with ABILITY, you can pair OUR technology with YOUR expertise to give your customers the services they need.

ABILITY provides direct connections between thousands of payers, providers, and Strategic Partners, with more than one billion healthcare transactions crossing our network each year. Our technology, connections and data are here to help power YOUR product.  

In today’s healthcare landscape, your customers need powerful RCM tools to help them maximize their bottom lines. 

We offer our partners two ways to deliver cutting-edge RCM technology:

You can embed our ABILITY | ACCESS RCM clearinghouse application into your own software, delivering a seamless customer experience. 

Or, you can opt for a Performance-Based Partnership with ABILITY, giving your customers access to cutting-edge software by outsourcing marketing, sales and implementation to US, while—with very little effort—YOU increase customer satisfaction and your own earnings per site. 

Regardless of which partnership model you choose, you’ll be bringing your customers cutting-edge technology that eliminates administrative burdens and fast-tracks their cash flow. We give you the power to offer:

  • Superior claim scrubbing 

  • An innovative, non-code-based rules engine that makes customization easy

  • Real-time visibility into all payer messages, remittance reason codes and remittance status codes 

  • The ability to detect and file secondary payer claims automatically

  • Comprehensive denial management with fast, clear correction guidance

  • Upfront eligibility validation

  • And intelligent routing that enables same-day payer acknowledgments and real-time display of ALL payer communications

It all adds up to first-pass payer acceptance rates of 98% or better, with less effort for you AND your customers, so they can reduce A/R days and get paid faster. 

If you’re ready to offer your customers next-generation RCM tools that save time and money for you AND them contact us today. 


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