Survey finds CIOs increasingly relying on SaaS

May 25, 2016 ABILITY

A recent survey of 157 healthcare IT leaders highlights the growing pressures faced by these professionals, and how tools like cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) are helping them meet challenges and adapt for the future.

The survey, conducted by an IT infrastructure provider with respondents across the country, reported that “the cloud adoption trend” and “IT as a revenue driver” were two of the overarching trends reported by the pool of chief information officers, IT directors, chief information security officers, system administrators, and other IT leaders. It also found that in many organizations, budgets are being allocated that recognize the value of these departments—67% of respondents reported that they expected their budgets to increase over the next two years.

Respondents identified changing business models and the accompanying “big data considerations” as top challenges, but pointed out that “talent is an issue” in these areas. The survey found some organizations were even creating new positions like Analytics and Data Managers to focus on these important issues.

Of course, SaaS services can help simplify many of the data management and analytics challenges facing these organizations, and the survey shows that realization is catching on. SaaS adoption has increased by approximately one-third in the past two years, and the data shows that using SaaS is often a first step into a larger adoption of cloud outsourcing.

For the CIOs in the survey who reported “juggling many initiatives and pressures,” finding the right outsourced technology partners may make that juggling act a little more manageable.


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