How an insurance discovery app drove double-digit increases for a collections agency

July 26, 2021 ABILITY

How do you improve your collection efforts when you’re faced with limited access to both data and insurance carriers?

Every collection agency has its challenges, but Marie St. James, Chief Operating Officer at Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, was dealing with limited data and delays that significantly impacted collection rates. So, not only did she need to find a way to make improvements, but she also needed to find a partner that could deliver on its promises.

“The biggest challenge with other vendors,” mentioned St. James, “was that they didn’t have the option for bigger carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield.”

With the account data the agency received already sitting at 90 to 120 days, timely filing was a constant and critical concern. Combine that with a vendor platform that was not user-friendly, and they found that their collection rate suffered. The organization needed a simple application with improved functionality that didn’t require constant communication with an IT team.

ABILITY Insurance Discovery provided the carrier access and straightforward functionality that strengthened collection efforts across the board.

By switching to ABILITY, the organization can focus more on the collection process instead of simply trying to access data in a readable format. Now, they have improved efficiencies, agents can more easily capture necessary information, and they have increased collections by 10%, according to a recent case study.

Ready to see how this innovative application can help you find more billable coverage? Schedule a demo today to see ABILITY Insurance Discovery in action.

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