Easy-to-use analytics strengthen home health quality improvement

August 3, 2016 ABILITY

ABILITY Network recently acquired OCS HomeCare, one of the leading analytics companies in the home health and hospice markets. In addition to HomeCare Elite, a national program recognizing top-performing home health agencies, we now offer tools to help providers inform, transform, and empower operations through quality improvement.

What are the Strategic Partner home health tools and services?

The partner tools consist of components that are easily embedded in applications. Today, these services are already in use in many EHR systems and provide a substantial boost to OASIS accuracy and predictive analytics capabilities.


Our OASIS scrubber can provide exceptional value for your customers by helping improve the quality of OASIS records and enabling their confidential submission. The service provides immediate feedback on OASIS data inconsistencies, in the form of error notifications and warnings, at the point of care. This automated data validation alert technology offers over 1,400 verifications of logical error checks and clinical warnings.

  • Real-time risk assessment: ABILITY | ACCESS™ PatientView

Using the same structure as the OASIS scrubber, the patient risk assessment tool is a standalone feature integrated with EHR systems. It utilizes proven predictive analytics at admission and recertification that provide an immediate statistical assessment of a patient’s risk for hospitalization and emergent care — at the point of care. Clinicians can drill into the specific reasons for the predicted risk and determine the appropriate care plan for each patient.

  • Custom analytics services

Your organization can now turn to ABILITY for support with specialized HomeCare Elite reports, healthcare outcomes research, market segmentation, efficacy studies, and much more. You will gain insightful healthcare analytics, expert consulting services, and data-centric executive management reporting solutions that help guide your organization through its most challenging projects.

What are the benefits of these tools for the home health market?

  • As embedded tools, they run in the background. Your customers won’t even know they are there.
  • Easily integrated into existing point-of-care systems and workflow.
  • Industry leading. The home health partner tools are the only Strategic Partner offerings of their kind to improve OASIS accuracy and reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Easy maintenance. After a simple implementation, ABILITY provides enhancements and regulatory compliance updates, often well in advance of CMS launch dates. Some examples include OASIS-C1, ICD-10, and the upcoming OASIS-C2 update scheduled for CMS deployment in January 2017.

Stay tuned for more details about these new products and services in the coming months. If you have questions about these tools, call 888.271.8222 or write to partner.sales@abilitynetwork.com.



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