Announcing ABILITY Patient Statements for our Strategic Partners

October 19, 2015 ABILITY

The mounting costs of providing healthcare leaves many providers looking for ways to save on costs and get reimbursed more quickly. The better patients are able to understand what they’re being billed for and the more quickly they receive their billing statement, the more quickly providers are able to get reimbursed.

We listened to your feedback—and we’re proud to share that ABILITY is now offering our Strategic Partners access to patient statements, which will allow you to better meet the needs of your customers. With ABILITY Patient Statements, your customers can focus on providing quality care with the confidence that ABILITY is delivering fast and accurate patient statements on their behalf. Whether you’re currently managing the patient statements process on behalf of your customers in-house or using a third party vendor, ABILITY can manage this process for you.

What benefits do ABILITY Patient Statements offer?

Among the benefits to your customers is the ability to submit multiple files per day with no file size limitations. Rest assured knowing that as soon as your customers’ billing staff approves the patient statement from their billing software, ABILITY will print and mail the statement on their behalf. Prefer to offer e-statements? Not a problem. ABILITY not only allows your customers’ staff the ability to view statements online, but also offers the option to email patients their statements, which ultimately results in savings for your customer by avoiding postage costs.

Once the patient views the statement, they’ll need to figure out a way to submit payment. Remove the burden from the patient by allowing them to submit payment via ePay, allowing your customer to get reimbursed more quickly. The ePay feature allows your customers’ patients to pay their bills quickly and seamlessly through a secure online payment portal. ePay allows for customization and flexible payment options, including credit card, ACH, and installment billing plans all defined by the customer’s business rules. The more quickly payments are submitted, the less potential for statements having to be mailed or emailed – saving your customer processing and postage costs.

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