ABILITY joins CommonWell Health Alliance to support interoperability of data

September 13, 2016 Geoff Charron

Today, health data that is not readily available is either not utilized by providers – leading to gaps in the patient’s care history – or relies on patients to manage it individually by asking providers to deliver it manually to other providers. Lack of data across care providers can also lead to duplication of testing and treatment, creating an inefficient and expensive experience, which can harm patient care. Improving patients’ outcomes is dependent on a provider’s ability to understand the full clinical picture of that patient, and to do so in a way that is effective and efficient. Yet according to Black Book, 94 percent of America’s providers, healthcare agencies, patients and payers are not meaningfully connected.

To support the effort to create greater interoperability of data, ABILITY Network has joined CommonWell Health Alliance – a non-profit trade association dedicated to the vision that health data should be available regardless of where care occurs. CommonWell and its members have committed to using their diverse experience across the healthcare continuum to produce and deploy real-world, cross-vendor interoperability services that will contribute to improved healthcare delivery and outcomes for providers and the people they serve.

Since it was founded, ABILITY has been developing applications that improve providers’ ability to share information. Our applications are built from a core secure data exchange between and among providers and payers. ABILITY applications – which are Electronic Medical Record system- and Practice Management Software-neutral – facilitate the exchange of administrative, claims and eligibility data, as well as some clinical data.

As interoperability of clinical data gains momentum and the need for it grows across the continuum of care, ABILITY sees a great opportunity to support this effort with our deep experience in the exchange of administrative and clinical data, and our footprint in all relevant markets – acute, post-acute and ambulatory.

We are excited about supporting an effort critical to creating a more effective healthcare system in the U.S. and improving patient care.


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